String Sort Algorithms

String Sort, LSD,MSD, 3-way-quick-sort

Tries structure & TST

Introduction of Tries structure and TST tree

directed graph

Digraph API, Directed Acyclic graph API, DepthFirstOrder traversal API, topological sort, Strong connectivity component API.


Graph Glossary, Graph API, Design Pattern for graph processing, Depth-first search, Breath-first search,Graph search and path API, Graph Connected Component Detect API.

Hash Table

Hash Function, Collision resolution, Separate Chain, Open address

Emacs Tutorial

Emacs editor enter&exit, cursor manipulation, window split, buffer load & change command.

Symbol Table Implementation

This article is a collection of search algorithm in symbol table using different data-structure.

Balanced Search Tree

2-3 Tree, Red-Black Tree

Introduction to Oracle Database

relational model, schema, sql/plsql, transaction, architecture


How to build Tree structure ? How to implement sorted symbol table using lined structure? How to implement recursive function.