• Tries structure & TST

    Introduction of Tries structure and TST tree

  • directed graph

    Digraph API, Directed Acyclic graph API, DepthFirstOrder traversal API, topological sort, Strong connectivity component API.

  • undirected-graph

    Graph Glossary, Graph API, Design Pattern for graph processing, Depth-first search, Breath-first search,Graph search and path API, Graph Connected Component Detect API.

  • Hash Table

    Hash Function, Collision resolution, Separate Chain, Open address

  • Symbol Table Implementation

    This article is a collection of search algorithm in symbol table using different data-structure.

  • Balanced Search Tree

    2-3 Tree, Red-Black Tree

  • BinarySearchTree--(BST)

    How to build Tree structure ? How to implement sorted symbol table using lined structure? How to implement recursive function.

  • Union & Find

    Includes 4 union find algorithms

  • Resized-Array

    This article is about how to turn a fixed sized array to a autosized array.

  • Linked-List

    This article is a collections of 3 kinds of implementation of linked list includes single-way Linked List, double-way Linked List, circular Linked List.

  • Stack and Queue

    This article is a collection of both array and lined list implementation of Stack and Queue.

  • Heap Structure

    Heap (Priority Queue) and its Extension)